Our Story

Mare To The Throne was born during the blissful season of spring in Queensland, Australia 2018,  when we decided to adopt the biggest fur-baby of our lives.

We noticed shelves offered products we’d use, but not products we loved. They say playing dress-ups begins at age 5 & never truly ends. We envisioned something a little less humble and a little more grand.

Designed like a shot of adrenaline to the heart - our products are an interpretation of elegant, yet affordable equine gear that allows your horse to become as mystical & magical as they are in our hearts.

As riders we need more colour, our horse’s armour needs to reflect their individuality & horse parents shouldn’t have to pay a mini fortune.

We at Mare To The Throne are proud of our products & the people who make them. We hope to add a little more ‘royal’, from the paddock to the arena & beyond.

“Fashion is what you buy - STYLE is what you do with it” ~ Nicky Hilton