Peacock Stirrups

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Our Peacock Safety Stirrups are another variety of safety iron that feature rubber rings and leather tabs. This design has the rubber ring located on the outside of the foot and will come away should a fall or dramatic weight shift occur.

The mesmerising colour you see is achieved by a naturally occurring chemical reaction when titanium is immersed into electrically charged water. 

An interesting fact about these stirrups...No two holographic stirrups appear the same! Our talented manufacturers pair these unique stirrups as accurately as possible to ensure you receive a truly special pair.

Tip: To correctly gauge the size of stirrup you may need - the rider should place the ball of their foot on the stirrup bars and leave a space of approximately 25 mm or 1 inch to either side of their foot.

Please Note: The rubber ring & leather tabs MUST be worn on the outside of your foot when riding. No guarantee is given on the performance of these stirrups (inclusive of Classic, Flexi, Peacock) and are used at the riders own risk.


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