The Sud-Budd
The Sud-Budd
The Sud-Budd
The Sud-Budd

The Sud-Budd

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Offering the perfect solution to bath time! Washing your horse has become an easier, more efficient & pampering experience. Treat your big companion to a cleaner, softer feeling for longer with 8 modes to choose from.

Designed to work with a simple, everyday hose and equine shampoo of your choice. Our newly named attachment 'The Sud-Budd' penetrates deep beneath the surface with up to double the amount of water pressure.

Forget the bucket n' sponge & reduce your time spent in the shower yards. This snazzy attachment will clean all the wonders of the paddock from dirt, mud & sweat to glorious poop stains!


Instructions for use:

1 - Tell you horse that they're super special & give them a treat!

2- Twist the clear dispenser off & fill up with an equine shampoo of your choice

3- Attach the full dispenser back onto the attachment & fix onto your hose connector. 

4- Set the yellow dial to either shampoo mode or water mode

PLEASE NOTE: the Sud Bud requires a "Hose connector" to able to attach to your hose. These are found on most Australian Hoses but should yours not have one then it can easily be purchased from any gardening/harware store. 

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